KANTIKA, forthcoming Spring 2023 from Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt


New novel, Kantika, forthcoming from Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt in Spring 2023. You can watch a 5 minute video about my inspiration for the book and my research process here.

“Six Writers on Books They Received—and Remembered” Boston Globe, 12/26/2021

In Conversation with Elizabeth Graver, Marble House Project, June 2021 (video)

“Corona (of a star, etc.)” Harvard Review Online, April 3, 2020

My appreciation of writer Edward P. Jones for Public Books

12 Women Who Write Amazing Short Fiction

“Assigned Reading”: My Literatures of Migration Course at Boston College

A Christmas Mitzvah read on NPR by Susan Stamberg

Video Interview on Roots & Routes: New Core Pilot Course at Boston College

“Welcome Home” . . . essay in Tablet Magazine

German Edition of The End of the Point (Die Sommer der Porters) is out. 

Panel: Authority and Authoritarianism in Fiction & Politics, with Elizabeth Graver, Edward Hirsch, Gish Jen & Adam Johnson.  Watch the video.

National Book Awards Long List for Fiction


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