Advance Praise

The End of the Point is an engrossing and intimate portrait of a New England family and the patch of land that gives them solace, generation after generation, when other people cannot. Elizabeth Graver, as always, is a stunning writer on every page, and she has gone deep under the skin of these characters to create this magnificent novel.” Lily King, author of Father of the Rain

“Is it possible for a novel to be at once cunning and magnificent, epic and compressed, topical and timeless? Yes, yes, yes, in the case of Elizabeth Graver’s gorgeous The End of the Point. These characters, this place, are so vivid that I had to resist the urge to seek them out along the Massachusetts shoreline. But even better I can find them over and over again between the covers of this beautiful book.” Margot Livesey, author of The Flight of Gemma Hardy 

“This absorbing novel spans half a century, and deals with war, love, illness, frustration, ambition, politics—and most particularly with place and its meaning. The four generations of family attached to that place include people you come to care about—the prickly, the crazy, the selfish, the thoughtful; and an unforgettable Scotswoman who is not of the family but is embedded in it. I too was embedded in The End of the Point—not so much reading it as living it: a deep and singular experience.” Edith Pearlman, author of Binocular Vision

“In this globalized age, with everyone talking about migration, here comes Elizabeth Graver to remind us of just what place can mean.  The attachment in this gorgeously written, enormously moving book transcends time and personality.  It is deep, extraordinarily ordinary, and finally provocative.” Gish Jen, author of The Resisters 

“One place and one family are inextricably linked in this marvelous novel. Elizabeth Graver writes with a painter’s attentiveness to detail, and creates from these particulars a vivid rendering of American life from 1942 to the century’s end.” Ron Rash, author of The Cove

“Elizabeth Graver’s The End of the Point dazzles on both the macro and micro levels: it illuminates notions of family and a family’s extended connection to a cherished place both in intricate and absorbed psychological detail and across a great sweep of time. In so doing, it beautifully renders both the contentments of domestic space and the disasters that threaten it.” Jim Shepard, author of You Think That’s Bad: Stories

“Elizabeth Graver is an uncommonly fine writer: dancingly in command of language, yet always, foremost, faithful to something quieter and more essential – call it the complexities of truth. The ambitious scope of her new novel, The End of the Point, is beautifully matched by her largeness of spirit. I would read anything this author writes.” Leah Hager Cohen, author of The Grief of Others

“Like all of Elizabeth Graver’s work, The End of the Point is intimate and rich and compelling, a sprawling saga that evokes both the wildness and fragility of the New England coast. ‘Time stands still here,’ one character muses of Ashaunt, the family’s summer place, and though it’s true that there’s an elemental dreaminess at play here, the novel’s greatest strength is in showing the reader the changing seasons against the unchanging sea.” Stewart O’Nan, author of A World Away

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