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awakeppback.jpgAWAKE “Superbly crafted, intensely involving . . . A psychological drama, a thoroughly credible examination of a woman in conversation with herself. There are no easy answers, and Graver gives us none. She lives us, instead, a story that feels real, lived in and honest.” –Beth Kephart, The Chicago Tribune

images-1.jpgTHE HONEY THIEF “One of our finest writers on the grand drama of simply growing up.” –John Gregory Brown, The Chicago Tribune



unravelling.jpg UNRAVELLING “Her accomplishment remains exceptional . . . Unravelling creates a home-on-the-margins beyond cant–a kind of exiles’ utopia, intensely imagined, right valued, memorable.” –Benjamin DeMott, The New York Times Book Review

haveyouseenme.jpgHAVE YOU SEEN ME? “It is as if Elizabeth Graver were in possession of a magnifying lens that allows her precise access to the nuances of the human soul.” —Belle Lettres




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