Essays/Book Reviews


  • “Corona (of a star, etc.)” Harvard Review Online, April 3, 2020
  • On Edward P. Jones, B-Sides Column, Public Books, May 2019
  • “Assigned Reading: On My ‘Literatures of Migration Course'” Boston College Magazine, August 2018
  • “A Christmas Mitzvah” read on NPR by Susan Stamberg, as part of “Hanukkah Lights,” December 19, 2017 (audio)
  • “Impossible Math” The Harvard Review 50th Anniversary Issue (print edition, May 2017)
  • “Welcome Home”  Tablet,  October 26, 2016
  • “A Gutsy Move” O. Magazine, May, 2014
  • “Dynamic Cities: Urban Renewal in Art and Life”  Orion Magazine, May/June 2013
  • “The Lost Boys of Penikese Island” (Boston Magazine, June 2013)
  • “Walker Evans, Kitchen Wall” (Gastronomica Magazine, June 6, 2012)
  • “Distance Education” (Boston College Magazine, Fall 2010).
  • “On World and Town, by Gish Jen,” Judicial Review.
  • “He Goes”  The Official Catalog of Potential Literature, Ed. Ben Segal (Cow Heavy Press, 2011). 21. Reprint: Continent, 6/2011.
  • “Migrate,” The Seneca Review,: The Lyrical Body: Poets and Essayists on Human Difference. (Spring, 2010, Vol. 39/2 – 40/1).
  • “Dora, Barbie and the Recalls” (Op-Ed, The Boston Globe, 9/7/07; International Herald Tribune, 9/7/07).
  • “Mitzvahmakers.” (Wondertime Magazine, 11/07)
  • Gathered.” Why I’m Still Married: Women Write Their Hears Out About Sex, Love, Betrayal, Loss and Who Does the Dishes, Karen Propp, JeanTroustine, eds., (Hudson Street Press/Plume, 2006). 143-156.
  • “Something to Tell You.”  Searching for Mary Poppins: Women Writers Write About the Intense Relationship Between Mothers and Nannies, Gina Hyams, Susan Davis, eds.  (Hudson Street Press/Plume, 2006): 99-112.
  • “Once Upon a Time: Playing with Time in Fiction” Now WriteFiction Writing Exercise From Today’s Best Writers and Teachers. Sherry Ellis, ed., (Tarcher Books/Penguin, 2006). 51-53.
  • “The Long Good-Bye.” (Parenting Magazine, 8/05)
  • “Play.”  Self, September 2004.
  • “Where Imagination Meets Memory” Wesleyan Magazine, Summer 2004.
  • “And Then She Drowned.” The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Contemporary Women Writers on Foremothers in Fiction, Ed. J. Kolosov (Lewis-Clark Press, 2003): 136-142.
  • “Recommendations: Bonnie Burnard and Jose Saramango”  Post Road, Vol.  5 (Autumn, 2002)  
  • “On Being Still.”  Self, July 2001. 165-166.
  • “A Double Kind of Knowing.” Passing the Word: Writers on their Mentors, Jeffrey Skinner, Lee Martin, eds.  (Sarabande Books, 2001). 125-130.
  • “Detail Work.” Boston College Magazine, spring 1999: 33-35.
  • “Two Baths.” Shendandoah 47/1 (Spring 1997): 62-72. Reprinted in Best American Essays, 1998, Robert Atwan, ed.;  Cynthia Ozick, guest ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1999): 146-156.
  • “Three Mothers.” Boston Review XIX, 2 (April/May 1994): 32-33.
  • “Un Bruit Assourdissant: Entre Mot et Silence dans La Jalousie de Robbe-Grillet (“A Deafening Racket: Between Word and Silence in Robbe-Grillet’s Jealousy“).  Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Foreign Literatures XLIV (Spring 1990): 28-36.

Book Reviews

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